World Wide Disclosure

Professional advice is vital and our tax experts can review your offshore assets and ownership structures, to ensure that they are operating effectively, and advising on offshore tax, RTC compliance and disclosures to HMRC.

We can help with your offshore tax affairs

Are you looking for a professional help in relation to offshore tax affairs and worldwide disclosure facility? Because of cooperation between many tax authorities, HMRC are finding inaccuracies in tax returns in relation to offshore assets which need to be dealt with in Worldwide Disclosure Facility

We can help with your tax compliance

If HMRC has found a potential issue in your tax affairs , the compliance check can go back 20 years. Failure to disclose the relevant information to HMRC on or before 30 September 2018 will result in the new tougher FTC penalties and a minimum penalty of 100% of the tax due in addition to having to pay the tax and interest due.

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